The Virtual Club 10

The event will be run every Tuesday evening at 6pm on Zwift using the Meet-up function and results tracked on this page. The series will have 12 events, ending on 27 April.

Each weeks results will be published on this page.


There are 3 simple rules to follow.

1: You have to ride a TT bike in Zwift (any other bike and you will be DQ’d)
A TT bike means you are not affected by the slipstream/draft of other riders in Zwift.

2: Your ride is uploaded to Strava
We will pull your times from the official Strava segment.

3: Join the Team Terminator Strava club.

How to enter:

To get involve you’ll need to do the following via the Zwift Companion App:

1: Follow “A dam #unfitsprinter

2: Add (TTCC) to the end of your name in Zwift.

Doing the above will enable me to find you and invite you to the event. Once I’ve setup the event you will see an invite in the Companion App under Events/Meetup.

The course:

We will run the event on the “Tempus Fugit” course. We will all start together as the Meet-up function does not allow for us to run proper TT events. This is the reason you need to use a TT bike in Zwift as it eliminates any slipstreaming. So you are effectively riding solo even if other riders are around you. 

From the start we will roll out together as a social ride until the start of the “Fuego Flats Forward Sprint“. This is 500m before the official start line and you can then wind it up for your effort. This will be announced on screen.

The official start and finish is under the stone arch.

The course is pretty flat (total elevation gain is 16m) and the full route is about 12.5 mile (20km). This includes a lead-in of 1.5 miles (2.4km). Your time will be taken over the official route which starts and ends at the desert arch (Fuego Flats Forward Sprint finish line). Your time starts when you cross the start line, after the lead in, at the dessert arch. You need to complete a full lap of the course (it not just out and back).

Full details of the course can be found here:

And the segment on Strava is here:

We will also record your effort over the “Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint”, which is a 4.4 mile (7km) intermediate segment on the return loop of the course:

So you will see 2 times in the result sheets. The intimidate “Fuego Flats Reverse Sprint” and the full “Fuego Flats”.

Any questions just drop me a message on the team Facebook group. If you are new to Zwift and need any advice I’m happy to jump on a call to help you get setup. 

Invites will go out on Sunday.
See you in Watopia.



Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 1

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings9:1428.5mph23:4127.2mph
2Trevor Ormes10:3325.0mph26:1624.6mph
3Stephens Nigel10:2125.4mph26:4824.1mph
4Adam Roberts10:5223.5mph27:0223.9mph
5Antonio Silano11:1723.3mph27:1823.6mph
6David Le Grys12:1821.4mph29:3621.8mph
7Rafal RadziejNo Strava Data
8Brad ThurrellNo Strava Data
9Gordon JohnstonNo Strava Data
10Frank LongstaffDNFDNFDNFDNF

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 2

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings9:1828.3mph22:4128.4mph
2Trevor Ormes10:3225.0mph25:2825.3mph
3Antonio Silano11:4222.5mph28:2222.7mph
4Neil Dowie11:3922.6mph28:3322.6mph
5Adam Roberts12:2221.3mph28:5022.4mph
6Anna Figliola12:0721.7mph29.1722.0mph
7David Le Grys13.5718.9mph33:4719.1mph

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 3

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Nigel Stephens10:1525.7mph24:5725.8mph
3Antonio Silano10:3924.7mph26:1124.6mph
3Neil Dowie10:4724.4mph26:2524.4mph
4Adam Roberts11:4422.4mph27:4623.2mph
5Anna Figliola11.5222.2mph28.3622.5mph

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 4

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings9:1328.6mph24:1326.6mph
2Neil Dowie11:2823.0mph26:5923.9mph
3Antonio Silano10:1525.7mph27:2223.6mph
4Adam Roberts12:5220.5mph30:0921.4mph

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 5

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Nigel Stephens10:3025.1mph25:0925.6mph
2Paul Newman10:2225.4mph26:0324.8mph
3Neil Dowie10:5424.2mph26:2324.4mph
4Adam Roberts11:3422.8mph27:3723.4mph
5Anna Figliola12:0021.9mph28:4722.4mph
6David Le Grys13:3419.4mph31:4320.3mph

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 6

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings10:3225.0mph25:3925.1mph
2Paul Newman10:3624.8mph25:5224.9mph
3Neil Dowie10:4525.5mph26:0624.7mph
4Antonio Silano10:5624.1mph26:3424.3mph
5Anna Figliola11:5222.2mph28:3722.5mph
6David Le Grys11:5122.2mph29:2222.0mph
7Trevor OrmesNo Data
8Steve BarnsleyNo Data

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 7

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings9:1928.3mph22:4128.4mph
2Paul Newman10:4824.4mph26.0924.7mph
3Anna Figliola11:4722.3mph28:3522.6mph
4Neil Dowie14:1118.6mph31:2920.5mph
5Adam Roberts15:0917.4mph31:4420.3mph
6Nigel StephensDNF

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 8

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
1Andrew Hastings9:1128.7mph23:0428.0mph
2Antonio Silano9:5426.6mph24:5925.8mph
3Nigel Stephens10:1625.6mph25.1225.6mph
4Anna Figliola11:5922mph28:5522.3mph
5Adam Roberts15:0617.4mph32:4019.7mph
6David Le Grys13.3319.4mph33:2619.3mph

Virtual Club 10 - Results - Round 9

 NameFuego Flats Reverse Sprint (4.4 miles)Speed (mph)Fuego Flats (10.7 miles)Speed (mph)
3Nigel Stephens10:0526.1mph24.4126.1mph
1Andrew Hastings10:0126.3mph25:4625.0mph
2Paul Newman10:3424.9mph26:3924.2mph
6Neil Dowie12.1521.5mph27:5923.0mph
4Anna Figliola11:5522.1mph28:5322.3mph
5Adam Roberts14:2818.2mph33:3519.2mph